A standardized preparation method for rock specimens is required before conducting mechanical tests. Conventional sampling methods produce good results for good-quality rocks. However, during the preparation of standard specimens of rocks found in areas with complex geological conditions, such as dolomite rocks with well-developed fractures, the internal fissures are easily disturbed, leading to sample preparation failure. Inspired by the effectiveness of organic resin solution-based reinforcements in protecting bone and porcelain artifacts during archaeological excavations, this study developed a method to prepare specimens for dolomite infiltration reinforcement using an acrylic resin-in-acetone solution, whereby the mechanical parameters of the rock samples could be recovered upon successful sample preparation. Several tests conducted under optimized ratios of acrylic resin to acetone revealed that a solution mass fraction of 20% produced the best effect on the reinforcement of fractured dolomite from the sampling location and increased the success rate of rock sample preparation from 15 to 54%. The physical and mechanical properties of the specimens after immersion in pure acetone for 48 hours were unaffected. The proposed method provides a reference for rock sampling from areas with developed joint fissures.

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