The Alvheim Field in the Norwegian North Sea was discovered in 1998. Two wells were drilled in 2018 in the Gekko structure to confirm oil column height and to evaluate reservoir quality in the Heimdal Formation. A comprehensive wireline logging program, including NMR and formation testing, was optimized to reduce formation evaluation uncertainty. Evaluating fluid properties, oil column height, and reservoir quality were primary objectives. Well A was first drilled on the south of the structure, followed by Well B on the north of the structure. Reservoir quality encountered in both wells was very good, and a project to develop these resources is currently in the selection phase.

Formation evaluation uncertainty encompassing pore geometry distribution, permeability, reservoir quality, and hydrocarbon identification are mitigated by studying the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) log response. NMR fluid typing has been widely used in the oil industry since the 1990s. NMR fluid typing today is a combination of the contrast of spin relaxation time T1, the spin-spin relaxation time T2 (T1T2), and the diffusivity (T2D) of formation fluids (Chen et al., 2016). NMR fluid typing can be obtained from a continuous log and/or stationary log measurements.

This paper showcases excellent, textbook-quality NMR data, as well as the integration of NMR data in the petrophysical workflow. High-confidence fluid properties and fluid contacts are determined.

This paper also highlights a comparison of NMR data acquired in stationary vs. continuous depth-based log modes in both wells. The continuous log data quality is equivalent to stationary data, implying continuous log data quality is sufficient for reliable NMR fluid properties evaluation without depending on time-consuming stationary NMR measurements. Reducing logging operations rig time is very advantageous in the North Sea, where drilling rig operations cost is high, and enhanced rig time management is constantly required.

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