Three-phase flow data play a major role in the design of various E&P applications (e.g., gas injection, WAG, SAGD) and also in the context of gas storage activity (additional oil related to the conversion of depleted oil fields). Intermediate to oil-wet carbonate reservoirs comprise huge global oil reserves, and hence it is very important to characterize three-phase flow data to reduce current uncertainties.

This work is an experimental contribution to share new datasets of three-phase relative permeability (kr) obtained under drainage conditions (gas-saturation increase) on different intermediate to oil-wet carbonate rock types of two giant Middle East reservoirs. In each case, the ternary diagrams have been obtained through the numerical interpretation of displacement experiments conducted at various initial saturation conditions (from Swi to Sorw). Three-phase kr tables (functions of two saturations Sg and Sw) have been adjusted by trial-and-error method until a good history match was obtained for all the experiments (production data and pressure drop) with one unique set of tables. This process has led to very similar tables for each of the two rock types in two different reservoirs.

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