The relation of F (formation factor), 4 (porosity), and m (cementation factor) to intrinsic permeability (k) was investigated. An equation estimating intrinsic-permeability values can be established by merging the well-known Archie equation with the Kozeny equation. The resulting equation implies that intrinsic permeability is a function of a medium factor and a porosity factor. A plot of the porosity factor as a function of intrinsic permeability defines an empirical equation for k (in millidarcies). The equation is: k = 84,1058P where P = (0m+2)/(1 0)2. The equation was based on a selected data base of 17 sets, which included in situ measurements of permeability, in situ measurements of porosity from two types of porosity logs, and a measurement of bulk resistivity of the rock and water from a resistivity log. The relation is apparently applicable to permeable rocks in which surface conductance along grains is not dominant, such as in most carbonate rocks, fractured rocks, and coarse clastics. Calculated permeability values for different lithologies based on commonly observed values of porosity and cementation factors compare closely with reported permeability values for different lithologies. Considerably more data are needed to more rigorously test the established equation.

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