With the current emphasis on re-evaluation of existing data, and the acceptance and commitment of petroleum companies to digital methods of data analysis, well log digitization has become an area of intense interest and activity. Digital well log data, however, can be effective in these endeavors only if its output is maintained within strict levels of quality. Quality control in well log digitization involves much more than merely checking output listings versus analog input. Initial processing instructions, interpretational considerations and editing procedures employed in the resolution of printing and recording deficiencies, curve definition, scale uncertainties and depth discrepancies affect the utility of a digitized log and therefore its accuracy, more than potential errors inherent in the digitization system itself. As such, the pre-processing options and standards which are applied within the digitization system, as well as its specifications and limitations, should bear careful evaluation in digitizing considerations. In this manner, unnecessary delays, confusion and disappointment can be avoided, and the best interests of all involved can be more adequately fulfilled.

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