This paper details the development of a wireline log data archive. The chosen medium was CD ROM, but the methods employed to organize and access the data are equally applicable to any high-density random access storage medium. Data are stored as LIS structured disk files. LIS was chosen because of its flexibility and dominance in the log data industry. No attempt is made to organize the files on the storage media such as by tape or by well; this task is carried out through an indexing and database management system. Indexing the large volumes of data is automated and relatively error free because the data themselves are used to create the index. To simplify data identification, a generic logging tool descriptor was developed. A primary objective of the project was to build an archive that would be independent of both hardware and software systems and be as future proof as possible. We hope that others may benefit from our experience and create some standards for our industry, which will improve the ease and efficiency of data movement within and between companies.

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