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Make it easy and convenient to get the technical information you need from the world's largest online technical library serving the upstream oil and gas industry.


Smaller Personal Packages of Downloads/Views

Access discounts (up to 80% off) for one year when you purchase a personal subscription.

1. Save valuable time and money with a single annual payment.
2. Access over 200,000 technical content items from 21 publishing partners.
3. Discover specialized information covering both historical and emerging technology.
4. Mobile-friendly content anywhere and at any time.

Personal subscription packages are displayed as a purchase option (example below) at the bottom of any paper detail page on OnePetro where you do not currently have access.


Multiple user access for one year with LIMITED downloads/views.

250 downloads - 1350 USD
500 downloads - 2375 USD
750 downloads - 3500 USD
1000 downloads - 4425 USD

2000 downloads - 7950 USD
3500 downloads - 13,800 USD
4000 downloads - 15,600 USD
5000 downloads - 18,650 USD

*There is a scheduled increase effective for subscriptions beginning on or after January 1, 2023 at the prices below.*

250 downloads - 1375 USD
500 downloads - 2425 USD
750 downloads - 3575 USD
1000 downloads - 4500 USD

2000 downloads - 8100 USD
3500 downloads - 14,075 USD
4000 downloads - 15,900 USD
5000 downloads - 19,025 USD


Multiple user access for one year with UNLIMITED downloads/views.

Give your team member's unlimited access so that they can accomplish the biggest research projects and solve your company’s most complex problems.

For additional information, email the OnePetro Subscriptions Team.


Multiple user access for one year with UNLIMITED downloads/views.

As part of our mission to disseminate information around the world, we offer discounted subscriptions to academic institutions in emerging countries based on the world bank classification coding system.

For additional information,email the OnePetro Subscriptions Team.

For institutions in developing countries, OnePetro now offers a Developing Countries Grant Subscription.

Subscribers to OnePetro must agree to the OnePetro Subscription Agreement and OnePetro Terms of Use during the subscription purchase process.

OnePetro Subscriptions Team |
+1-972-952-9393  |  Hours: 0730 to 1700 CST (GMT–5), Mon-Fri

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