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blue globeOnePetro Developing Countries Grant Program

OnePetro is offering a new grant program to provide complimentary access to select publisher content on OnePetro to institutions in developing countries where subsidized access to scholarly research is most needed.

Institutional qualification for the OnePetro Developing Countries Grant is modeled after the Research4Life Core Offer A & B Group country and territory eligibility requirements: [1]

  • United Nations Least Developed Countries List and/or
  • Total GNI is at or less than US$ 1.5 billion or total GNI is at or less than US$ 25 billion where GNIpc is at or less than US$10,000 and/or
  • GNIpc is at or less than US$ 6000 where Healthy Life Expectancy (HALE) is at or less than 55
  • Total GNI is at or less than US$ 300 billion where:
    • HDI is at or less than 0.67 and/or
    • GNIpc is at or less than US$ 6000

Based on the 2021 Research4Life Group A&B, an eligible countries list can be found here.

[1] GNI=Gross National Income; GNIpc=Gross National Income per capita; HDI=Human Development Index

Note: Eligible institutions will expand to include national universities, professional schools, research institutes, Non-National Oil Government Offices, and Non-National Oil Company National Libraries.

Currently, the following OnePetro publishers are participating in this program providing complimentary access to their content.  It is possible that other publishers will join in the future.


If you believe your organization qualifies for this access, we ask that your Librarian or IT Director complete our GRANT APPLICATION and submit.

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