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Access Options

Corporate and Institutional Users

Your institution’s name will display in the upper right corner if you have subscription access.

The two main options for access to OnePetro are through IP Access and Referral URL. Users that have access through their company or institution will see the name of that entity in the top right of the navigation bars. Individual users that are logged in to their personal account will also see their name in the same area.

IP Access

To receive IP address validation, your IP address must be one of the “approved” addresses provided by your institution.  Are you on a device that has access to your institution’s network?   If not, that may be why are not getting access to the subscription. You will know that you currently have access as you should see the message at the top of any OnePetro webpage "via and your institution's name."

The easiest way to obtain your IP address is to visit,  Ensure your IP address is one of the approved IP addresses with your institution’s subscription administrator.

Referral URL

Referral URL is a method we offer to set up an authenticated link to OnePetro from a secure and/or password-protected web page, such as a company intranet page. When a user clicks on the OnePetro link, our referring URL uses a standard referrer command to check the URL of the page that user is coming from and grants access based on that information.

If you have questions about how to access your institution’s subscription, contact

Individual Access

Registering your account on OnePetro allows you to create a more personalized experience on the site.

-If you already have an account, choose Sign In and enter your email address/username and password.

-If you have forgotten your password, click on Reset Password. If the system does not have an account for your Sign In credentials, choose Register

-If you believe you should have an account with access privileges, contact

-Your name will display in the upper right corner upon successful Sign In.

Validate ARMA, ISRM, SNAME and SPE Membership Benefits

-Once Signed In, click on Your Name > My Memberships. Select your Member Society and enter credentials.

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