Oil Industry Journal

Monthly scientific and technical journal Oil Industry has been published since 1920. The publication topics are geology and geological exploration, well drilling technologies, oilfield development and exploitation.  The articles are available in Russian language.

Volume 2019, Issue 11

November 2019

Sharafutdinov, Z. Z., The Pipeline Transport Institute LLC
Urmancheev, S. F., Mavlyutov Institute of Mechanics
Islamov, I. R., The Pipeline Transport Institute LLC
2019-11-139-143-RU OIJ Journal Paper - 2019
Mogilner, L. Yu., The Pipeline Transport Institute LLC
Skuridin, N. N., The Pipeline Transport Institute LLC
Studenov, E. P., The Pipeline Transport Institute LLC
2019-11-144-148-RU OIJ Journal Paper - 2019
Mozchil, A. F., Gazpromneft NT? LLC
Dmitriev, D. E., Gazpromneft NT? LLC
Bazyleva, N. Z., Gazpromneft NT? LLC
Kurilenko, A. A., Gazpromneft-Razvitie LLC
Ledovsky, A. D., IBM Science and Technology Center
Golitsyna, M. V., IBM Science and Technology Center
2019-11-149-152-RU OIJ Journal Paper - 2019
Nazarov, D. V., RN-KrasnoyarskNIPIneft LLC
Lokshin, D. A., RN-KrasnoyarskNIPIneft LLC
Volkov, V. G., RN-KrasnoyarskNIPIneft LLC
Kolesov, V. A., IGiRGI JSC
Yatsenko, V. M., Rosneft Oil Company
Kiselev, V. M., Siberian Federal University
2019-11-018-022-RU OIJ Journal Paper - 2019
Kutukova, N. M., Rosneft Oil Company
Shuster, V. L., Oil and Gas Research Institute of RAS
Pankov, M. V., Vostsibneftegas PJSC
Krasilnikova, N. B., RN-KrasnoyarskNIPIneft LLC
Osipenko, A. A., RN-KrasnoyarskNIPIneft LLC
2019-11-023-027-RU OIJ Journal Paper - 2019
Gavrilov, A. V., Lomonosov Moscow State University
Pavlov, V. A., Rosneft Oil Company
Fridenberg, A. I., Rosneft Oil Company
Boldyrev, M. L., Arctic Research Center LLC
Khilimonyuk, V. Z., Lomonosov Moscow State University
Pizhankova, E. I., Lomonosov Moscow State University
Buldovich, S. N., Lomonosov Moscow State University
Kosevich, N. I., Lomonosov Moscow State University
Alyautdinov, A. R., Lomonosov Moscow State University
2019-11-028-032-RU OIJ Journal Paper - 2019
Golovchenko, M. A., Rosneft Oil Company
Miroshnichenko, A. V., Rosneft Oil Company
Kudashov, K V., Rosneft Oil Company
Filimonov, V. P., Rosneft Oil Company
2019-11-033-037-RU OIJ Journal Paper - 2019
Azbukhanov, A. F., RN-BashNIPIneft LLC
Kostrigin, I. V., RN-BashNIPIneft LLC
Bondarenko, K. A., RN-BashNIPIneft LLC
Semenova, M. N., RN-BashNIPIneft LLC
Sereda, I. A., Rosneft Oil Company
Yulmukhametov, D. R., Rosneft Oil Company
2019-11-038-042-RU OIJ Journal Paper - 2019
Golovina, E. S., Samaraneftekhimproject JSC
Laskin, A. S., Samaraneftekhimproject JSC
Nikiforov, M. V., VNIPIneft JSC
Mashkovtsev, E. A., VNIPIneft JSC
Bulanov, E. A., Rosneft Oil Company
2019-11-043-045-RU OIJ Journal Paper - 2019
Gilev, N. G., Rosneft-NTC
Zenkov, E. V., Rosneft-NTC
Poverenniy, U. S., Rosneft-NTC
Dubrov, A. D., Rosneft-NTC
Kuzmin, D. A., Rosneft-NTC
Melentev, A. S., Rosneft-NTC
Pavlov, V. A., Rosneft Oil Company
Berdnikov, N. N., Rosneft Oil Company
2019-11-046-049-RU OIJ Journal Paper - 2019

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