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Original and timely technical papers addressing problems of shipyard techniques and production of merchant and naval ships appear in this quarterly publication. Since its inception, the Journal of Ship Production and Design (formerly the Journal of Ship Production) has been a forum for peer-reviewed, professionally edited papers from academic and industry sources. As such, it has influenced the worldwide development of ship production engineering as a fully qualified professional discipline. The expanded scope seeks papers in additional areas, specifically ship design, including design for production, plus other marine technology topics, such as ship operations, shipping economic, and safety. Each issue contains a well-rounded selection of technical papers relevant to marine professionals.


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Volume 26, Issue 02

May 2010

Wang, Ge, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
Lee, Michael, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
Serratella, Chris, American Bureau of Shipping (ABS)
Botten, Stanley, MISTRAS Holdings
Ternowchek, Sam, MISTRAS Holdings
Ozevin, Didem, MISTRAS Holdings
Thibault, Jack, Alaska Tanker Company
Scott, Rex, Alaska Tanker Company
JSPD-2010-26-2-106 SNAME Journal Paper - 2010
Camilleri, D., University of Malta
Gray, T.G.F., University of Strathclyde
McPherson, N., BVT Surface Fleet Ltd.
JSPD-2010-26-2-117 SNAME Journal Paper - 2010
Myatt, Lisa L., United States Coast Guard 
Thomas, Brian, United States Coast Guard
Taylor, Todd, United States Coast Guard
JSPD-2010-26-2-135 SNAME Journal Paper - 2010
Song, Young Joo, Seoul National University
Lee, Dong Kun, Seoul National University
Woo, Jong Hun, Xinnos Co.
Shin, Jong Gye, Seoul National University
JSPD-2010-26-2-144 SNAME Journal Paper - 2010
Rodzewicz, Thomas C., United States Coast Guard
Potterton, Jonathan H., United States Coast Guard
Lappe, Katherine M., United States Coast Guard
Yezefski, Brent C., United States Coast Guard
Singer, David J., University of Michigan
JSPD-2010-26-2-155 SNAME Journal Paper - 2010
Salzar, Robert S., University of Virginia
Ash, Joseph, University of Virginia
Lucas, Scott R., Exponent, Inc.
Planchak, Christopher, Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA)
Dalton, Antony, SEA Ltd
Emond, Bryan, SEA Ltd
Getz, James E., NASBLA
JSPD-2010-26-2-89 SNAME Journal Paper - 2010
Garzke, William H., The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
Simpson, Pierette Domenica, Author & Survivor of Andrea Doria
JSPD-2010-26-2-98 SNAME Journal Paper - 2010

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