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The regional road Р-1201 is a very important route in the western part of the country. Smaller and larger landslides on the road structure often occur on the section Boshkov bridge – Melnicki bridge (in the vicinity of the village Kosovrasti). A large landslide occurred on 11.11.2020 immediately after the occurrence of a strong earthquake in that zone. This situation is considered quite serious for the safe flow of the traffic and especially for the risks of endangering the traffic participant. Due to high probability and risks for further development of the rockfall process, it is necessary to apply permanent measures for protection against rockfalls. By developing the technical documentation, a wide range of possible variant solutions has been identified. After a detailed tehno-economic analysis for protection against rockfalls, several measures are foreseen, which include: deviation of the road with the construction of a new road structure, retaining structure with foundation on piles, retention- retaining structure with a rockfall barrier, mechanical removal of unstable blocks, systematic anchoring with placement of a protective wire mesh along the slope. All this points to the complexity of the problem and even more to the complexity of investigation works and the designing process. Particularly important is the part of analysis of the current state of slope stability, as well as rockfall risk analyses. These analyzes are leading in the selection and dimensioning of the solutions. The spectrum of developed and possible solutions for rockfall protection is large, but the choice of the applied solution may be dictated by certain other limitations and requirements of any type.

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