The stability of a rock mass is influenced by the multiple interactions between the rock matrix, planes of weakness, the surrounding environment and the human processes that shaped the actual slope. The objective of this paper is to apply the Structure from Motion (SfM) photogrammetric survey technique to obtain reliable data that can be used to determine the relative stability of a slope. Data extracted from the 3D model were processed with kinematic analysis and subsequently applied to the SMR and Qslope geomechanics classification systems. The case study is in an almost stable state according to SMR and unstable for Qslope, clarifying that in the latter classification system the value is located very close to the zone called "uncertain slope stability", results that coincide with the physical evidence of instability found at the time of the field survey. It can be concluded that the SfM technique is applicable for the calculation of slope stability through empirical methods in tropical environments of the Andean countries.

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