This article introduces in detail the experimental method and result of two phase fluid of gas-liquid seepage in rock fracture. The complex permeability of two phase fluid changes regularly with the gas saturation value and 3D stress, and the critical value S go is 40.725%. When Sg>Sgc, the permeability increases exponentially with (Sg>Sgc)2; when Sg>Sgc, it increases exponentially with (Sg>Sgc). The absorptive action of gas changes in a regular pattern as a minus power function p−ηS2/g.


Cet article presente en detail la method experimenta le et les resultats de suitement de deux-phase fluide de gaz et liquide dans roche fracture. La permeabilite complexe de deux-phase fluide change regulierement auec la valeur de gaz saturation et 3D stress la valueur critique Sgo est 40. 725%. Quand Sg>Sgo. La permeabilite augmente exponentiellement auec (Sg-Sgc)2,quand Sg<Sgc, elle augmente exponentiellement auec (Sg>Sgc). La action absorbante change regulièrement comme la fonction de puissance p−ηS2/g.


Der artikel resuemiert die experimentelle method und das experimenelle ergebnis der dsmose und des flieβens von gas-und fluessigkeitphase in gesteinspalten. Der komplexeosmasekoeffizient der zwei-phasen-fluessigkeit anclert sich gasetzmaβig gemaβ dem gassattigungsgrad und dem dreidimensionalen streβ. Der kritische wert Sgo ist 40.725%.Wenn Sg>Sgc ist,andert sich der dsmosekoeffizient gemaβ (Sg-Sgc)2 im expoment, wenn Sg<Sgc ist, andert sich der dsmosekoeffizient gemaβ (Sg>Sgc) im expoment. Die absorption des gases andert sich mit der potenzfunktion p−ηS2/g.


The problem related to two phase fluid of gas-liquid seepage exists as a general problem in the wide engineering fields such as the exploitation of oil, natural gas, geothermal energy, coal bed methane, the underground gasification of coal and the environmental engineering. The two phase fluid of gas-liquid seepage is typical of the seepage problem of the complex indissoluble fluids. In the seepage process, the gas volume dilates violently, which, in turn, manifests the violent volume change of the two phase fluid and the change of relative saturation value. The two indissoluble fluids of gas and liquid block and contain each other in rock fracture to form a seepage pattern so complex that it could be ranked as one of the most complicated seepage problems. And because it involves the forefront of science, technology and engineering, it has been scarcely researched in the world.

With the facts in consideration that the rock mass IS a complex structure composed of rock matrix fracture and its filler, and especially that the law of seepage in rock fracture frequently manifests itself in rock mass engineering, this article focuses in the achievements of the experimental research of two phase fluid of gas-liquid seepage in rock fracture.

Equipment for the experiment

Rock Seepage Testing Bench of MDS-200 Model (big rock sample) and 3D Seepage Instrument, both developed by our institute.

Preparation of Rock Samples

The rock samples were taken from Coal seam No.3 of Yanzhou Mining Coal Bureau.

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