This article aims to present the geotechnical and geomechanical characteristics and properties of strength, deformability and permeability of soft sandstone from the foundation of the HPP Estreito main civil structures, located on Tocantins River, which belongs to Amazon River Basin. With this objective, it is presented the results obtained from the geological surveys campaigns and from the geotechnical and geomechanic tests, performed in situ and in laboratory, carried out along the phases of project development. Among the investigations, it should mentioned:

  • drill-holes campaigns;

  • tests for physical characteristics determinations (density, porosity, absorption);

  • uniaxial compression tests, Brazilian compression tests, modulus of deformability tests;

  • direct shear tests;

  • permeability test in laboratory;

  • determination of hydraulic conductivity in situ (Lugeon tests).

The analysis, interpretation and consolidation of those results have provided the necessary information to make decisions during the development and detailing of the executive design and during the implementation of the Project.

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