Indian Railways has an ambitious plan to connect Jammu Kashmir with the rest of the country. As a part of this plan Udhampur-Srinagar-Barahmula-railway line was proposed to be constructed. Between Katra and Qazigund section this railway line crosses the river Anjikhad. An arch bridge is proposed to be constructed. The natural slopes of both the abutments are inclined between 50°: –65°:. The rock slopes are composed of highly jointed rock mass and the joint spacing and orientation are varying at different locations. The analyses have been carried out for predicting the behaviour of the jointed rock slope in two stages. First, an initial static loading is applied in the numerical model to simulate the prevailing rock mass conditions at the site by introducing the joint sets in the rock slope. Second the pier and arch loads were applied on the existing model. Various monitoring points were installed in the model for critical observations. The displacements, stresses and velocity values observed confirm the stability of the rock slope. The study provides an illustration of how the geo-mechanical properties of a rock mass can be integrated in a discontinuum rock slope model. This model has helped to better understand the dynamics of the rockslide when subjected to static loads.

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