In the case of blast induced vibrations it is very common that mine managers come across with complaints from local residents. This may lead to decrease or total cessation in the production. Therefore, there are a lot of studies that focus on eliminating the effects of blast induced vibrations. The first method that comes to mind for the elimination of blast induced vibrations is to reduce the amount of explosive. However, decrease in the amount of the explosive leads to a decrease in the pre-planned production. Studies apart from this focus on pre-split, barrier holes, and trench methods. While some of these researchers claim that blast induced vibrations are largely eliminated by the help of these methods, some others claim that they have no positive influence on the issue. It can be said that there does not exist a common agreement on the effects of these methods on the elimination of blast induced vibrations. In this study, the effect of artificial discontinuities on blast induced vibrations was investigated. To this end, 3 different panels in Seyitömer Coal Mine in Turkey were formed, and a total of 395 vibration records were taken in front of and behind the discontinuities from different places pertaining to 150 blasts. Analysis of data has revealed that a decrease in PPV of up to 80% has been detected right behind the barrier holes.

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