A diverse selection of rockbolt designs and resin anchors are available for use in underground mines. Research in recent years at the UNSW Mining Research Centre led to the construction of a rockbolt pull-testing facility. This facility has subsequently been upgraded, commissioned and initial test work has been completed to verify the pull-test process.A test program has been completed with the objective to understand the load transfer mechanism and improve the general performance of rockbolts. This paper describes the results of this research.

Une selection diverse de dessins du rockbolt et ancres de la resine est disponible pour usage dans les mines de metro. Faites des recherches ces dernières annees à l'UNSW que le Centre de la Recherche Minier a mene à la construction d'une facilite de l'essai de la traction du rockbolt. Cette facilite a ete amelioree par la suite, le travail de l'epreuve en commission et initial a ete complete pour verifier le processus de la traction-epreuve. Un programme de l'epreuve a ete complete avec l'objectif comprendre le mecanisme du transfert de la charge et ameliorer la performance generale de rockbolts. Ce papier decrit les resultats de cette recherche.

Eine verschiedenartige Auswahl an rockbolt-Designs und Harzankern ist dafuer verfuegbar, benutzen Sie in unterirdischen Bergwerken. Forschung in letzten Jahren beim UNSW-Bergbau Forschung Zentrum fuehrte Ruckerprobung-Einrichtung zur Konstruktion eines rockbolt. Diese Einrichtung ist anschließend befördert worden, ist beauftragt worden und wird abgezeichnet, pruefen Sie, die Arbeit ist vervollstandigt worden, um den Ruckpruefung-Prozeß zu verifizieren.

Ein Pruefungsprogramm ist mit dem Objektiv vervollstandigt worden, den Lastuebertragungsmechanismus zu verstehen und die allgemeine Auffuehrung von rockbolts zu verbessern. Dieses Papier beschreibt die Ergebnisse dieser Forschung.


Rockbolts are increasingly relied on as a key component in the primary support mechanism of many underground mines. In the Australian coal mining industry, for example, over 5 million rockbolts are installed each year at a cost of over $AUD 35 million. Previous research by UNSW, Strata Control Technology Pty Ltd (SCT) and Powercoal Ltd has found that over 30% of rockbolts 'are not providing optimum performance in coal mining environments' (Galvin et al 2001).

A research initiative has been launched combining the skills and experience of industry and research expertise in the university to develop an understanding of fully encapsulated rockbolts. The broad objective being to improve the performance of rockbolt systems and hence improve the overall safety in mines. This initiative resulted in the establishment of a test facility at UNSW that operates within a controlled laboratory environment.

As part of this initiative, the research aimed to quantify the sensitivity to changes in various rockbolt parameters on anchorage performance. This paper outlines the results found to date with regard to the thickness of chemical resin, that is resin annulus, of a fully encapsulated rockbolt on anchorage performance.

Test facility
Design objectives

The desirable attributes of a rockbolt test facility were seen as:

  • the facility should be capable of examining a wide range of parameters associated with the installation of rockbolts.

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