18th World Petroleum Congress

25-29 September 2005, Johannesburg, South Africa

Number of conference papers: 193

Flagstad, Ole Andreas, DNV
Clewes, Nicola, DNV
Selmer-Olsen, le, DNV
18-0995 WPC Conference Paper - 2005
Ainouche, Abdelhakim, Sonatrach TRC / RTH Haoud el Hamra
Ainouche, Abdelkrim, Sonatrach TRC In Amenas
Tiab, Nabil, Sonatrach Avl Business Development
18-0963 WPC Conference Paper - 2005
Guan, Minghua, Fushun Research Institute of Petroleum and Petrochemicals,SINOPEC
Wang, Fenglai, Fushun Research Institute of Petroleum and Petrochemicals,SINOPEC
18-0902 WPC Conference Paper - 2005
Al-Faraj, Omar, Drilling &Workover
Al-Nughaimish, Faisal, Drilling &Workover
Al-Faleg, Nabeel, Reservoir Management
Al-Otaibi, Uthman, Reservoir Management
18-0864 WPC Conference Paper - 2005
Hutton, William John, Syntroleum International Corporation
Holmes, John, Syntroleum International Corporation
18-0938 WPC Conference Paper - 2005
Wei, Bin, Liaohe Petroleum Exploration,CNPC
Zhang, Chengjun, Liaohe Petroleum Exploration,CNPC
Cai, Jiarong, Liaohe Petroleum Exploration,CNPC
18-0868 WPC Conference Paper - 2005
Du, Yuqi, New Mexico Tech
Guan, Linhua, Texas A&M University
Liang, Haiyun, China Petroleum University
18-0874 WPC Conference Paper - 2005
Bourbiaux, Bernard, Institut Français du Pétrole
Basquet, Remy, Institut Français du Pétrole
Lange, Arnaud, Institut Français du Pétrole
Hu, Lin-Ying, Institut Français du Pétrole
18-0869 WPC Conference Paper - 2005
Markwardt, Claire, Accenture
18-1024 WPC Conference Paper - 2005
Hedding, Ralph, Strategic Asset Management Inc
18-1012 WPC Conference Paper - 2005

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