16th World Petroleum Congress

11-15 June 2000, Calgary, Canada

Number of conference papers: 316

Pingshuang, Wang, Offshore Production Research Center, CHINA
30125 WPC Conference Paper - 2000
Salmanov, F. K., CJSC Rospan International
Rezunenko, A. N., CJSC Rospan International
Salmanov, A. M., CJSC Rospan International
Zoltov, A. N., CJSC Rospan International
30169 WPC Conference Paper - 2000
Fowler, R. M., Robertson Research International Limited
Burgess, C. J., Robertson Research International Limited
Otto, S. C., Robertson Research International Limited
Harris, J. P., Robertson Research International Limited
Bastow, M. A., Robertson Research International Limited
30021 WPC Conference Paper - 2000
Pivot, Charles, ISIS
Valais, Michel, Total Fina Elf
30029 WPC Conference Paper - 2000
Machado, Luiz Rodolfo Landim, Petrobas
Labastie, Alain, Total Fina Elf
Stokes, Edward, Conoco
30151 WPC Conference Paper - 2000
Murphy, L., Senior Vice-President, Canadian Occidental Petroleum Ltd.
Ba-Rabaa, R., Deputy Oil Minister, Republic of Yemen
Jazrawi, W., Former President and General Manager, Canadian Occidental Petroleum Yemen (presenter)
Mann, G., Manager, Environment, Health and Safety, Canadian Occidental Petroleum Ltd.
30422 WPC Conference Paper - 2000

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