15th World Petroleum Congress

12-17 October 1997, Beijing, China

Number of conference papers: 320

Emtiazi, G., University of Esfahan, Iran
Habibi, M. H., University of Esfahan, Iran
Mazaherian, M., University of Esfahan, Iran
29288 WPC Conference Paper - 1997
Novak, V., Chemopetrol, R&DC., Czech Republic
Vitvar, M., Czech Refinery, Czech Republic
Madera, J., Koramo Refinery, Czech Republic
29283 WPC Conference Paper - 1997
Tao, Wang, Senior Advisor, China National Petroleum Corporation
28011 WPC Conference Paper - 1997
Derr, Kenneth T., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Chevron Corporation
28017 WPC Conference Paper - 1997
Raymond, Lee R., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Exxon Corporation
28012 WPC Conference Paper - 1997
Ott, V. I., Vice-Minister of Fuel and Energy, Russian Federation
28014 WPC Conference Paper - 1997
Krylov, N. A., Director, Institute of Geology & Exploitation of Combustible Fuels, Russia
Gramberg, I. S., Director, VNII Okeangeologia
Kouzn, O. L., Director, Geosystem Institute
Mikhaltsev, A. V., Director, VNII Geofizika
29161 WPC Conference Paper - 1997
Booth, M., Shell, UK
Reglitzky, D.-I. A., Shell, Germany
Shannon, I., Shell, UK
Pinchin, R., Shell, China
28269 WPC Conference Paper - 1997
Gossen, R. G., Canadian Occidental Petroleum Ltd., Calgary, Canada
Hardisty, P. E., Komex Clarke Bond Ltd., Bristol, UK
Benoit, J. R., AGRA Earth Sciences, Japan
Dabbs, D. L., Birch Mountain Resources Ltd., Calgary, Canada
Dabrowski, T. L., Komex International Ltd., Calgary, Canada
28265 WPC Conference Paper - 1997
Kortekaas, F. M., Shell International Exploration and Production B.V., Netherlands
29216 WPC Conference Paper - 1997

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