SPE/AAPG/SEG Unconventional Resources Technology Conference

24-26 July 2017, Austin, Texas, USA

Number of conference papers: 295

Kumar, Dharmendra, The University of Oklahoma
Ghassemi, Ahmad, The University of Oklahoma
2697487-MS URTEC Conference Paper - 2017
Stephens, Meagan, Halliburton
Wiener, Jack, Halliburton
Ramurthy, Muthukumarappan, Halliburton
Kundert, Pat, Halliburton
Tran, John-Bosco, Halliburton
2668955-MS URTEC Conference Paper - 2017
Li, Xiaojiang, China University of Petroleum
Li, Gensheng, China University of Petroleum
Sepehrnoori, Kamy, The University of Texas at Austin
Yu, Wei, Texas A&M University
Wang, Haizhu, China University of Petroleum
Liu, Qingling, China University of Petroleum
Zhang, Hongyuan, China University of Petroleum
Chen, Zhiming, China University of Petroleum
2687427-MS URTEC Conference Paper - 2017
Alfi, Masoud, Texas A&M University
Chai, Zhi, Texas A&M University
Yan, Bicheng, Texas A&M University
Stimpson, Brian C., Texas A&M University
Barrufet, Maria A., Texas A&M University
Killough, John, Texas A&M University
2669950-MS URTEC Conference Paper - 2017
Carcione, Ettore, Geolog International
Easow, Isaac, Geolog Americas
Chiniwala, Barzin, Geolog Americas
2697162-MS URTEC Conference Paper - 2017
Myers, Grant A., WellDog Gas Sensing Technology Corp.
Kehoe, Kelsey, WellDog Gas Sensing Technology Corp.
Hackley, Paul, US Geological Survey
2671253-MS URTEC Conference Paper - 2017
Sutherland, Scott, Devon Energy
Rauch-Davies, Marianne, Devon Energy
2691958-MS URTEC Conference Paper - 2017
Mishra, Srikanta, Battelle Memorial Institute
Lin, Luan, Battelle Memorial Institute
2670157-MS URTEC Conference Paper - 2017
Amini, Shohreh, West Virginia University
Kavousi, Payam, West Virginia University
Carr, Timothy R., West Virginia University
2686732-MS URTEC Conference Paper - 2017
Byrnes, Alan P., Whiting Oil & Gas Corporation
Zhang, Shawn, DigiM Solution LLC
Canter, Lyn, Whiting Oil & Gas Corporation
Sonnenfeld, Mark D., Whiting Oil & Gas Corporation
2670963-MS URTEC Conference Paper - 2017

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