SPE/AAPG/SEG Unconventional Resources Technology Conference

1-3 August 2016, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Number of conference papers: 260

Sommacal, Silvano, FEI Oil and Gas
Fogden, Andrew, FEI Oil and Gas
Young, Benjamin, FEI Oil and Gas
Noel, William, FEI Oil and Gas
Arena, Alessio, FEI Oil and Gas
Salazar, Leonardo, FEI Oil and Gas
Gerwig, Tobias, FEI Oil and Gas
Cheng, Qianhao, Australian National University
Kingston, Andrew, Australian National University
Marchal, Denis, Petrobras Argentina S.A.
Perez Mazas, Ana Maria, Petrobras Argentina S.A.
Naides, Claudio Hugo, Petrobras Argentina S.A.
Kohler, Guillermina, Petrobras Argentina S.A.
Cagnolatti, Marcelo, Petrobras Argentina S.A.
2460975-MS URTEC Conference Paper - 2016
Khanal, Aaditya, Chemical Engineering, University of Houston
Khoshghadam, Mohammad, Chemical Engineering, University of Houston
Lee, W. John, Texas A&M
2426222-MS URTEC Conference Paper - 2016
Ma, Yixin, Aramco Services Company: Aramco Research Center-Houston, The University of Oklahoma
Chen, Jin-Hong, Aramco Services Company: Aramco Research Center-Houston
Jamili, Ahmad, The University of Oklahoma
2432657-MS URTEC Conference Paper - 2016
Acuña, Jorge A., Chevron U.S.A. Inc.
2429710-MS URTEC Conference Paper - 2016
Dorrins, Peter K., Junex inc.
Marcil, Jean-Sebastien, Junex inc.
Lavoie, Jeremie, Junex inc.
Mechti, Nabila, Junex inc.
2460266-MS URTEC Conference Paper - 2016
Fanailoo, Pedram, DNV GL
Clemens, Jeffrey, DNV GL
2459399-MS URTEC Conference Paper - 2016
Moherek, Anthony, Pennsylvania Land Resources
Mukherjee, Sandeep, Halliburton
Garrison, Nick, Halliburton
Caraway, Allison, Halliburton
Medina, Rojelio, Halliburton
Sarmah, Bhaskar Bikash, Halliburton
2461234-MS URTEC Conference Paper - 2016
Hintzman, Tiffany, Ingrain Inc.
Walls, Joel D, Ingrain Inc.
Morcote, Anyela, Ingrain Inc.
2459710-MS URTEC Conference Paper - 2016
McCaffrey, Mark A., Weatherford Laboratories
Baskin, David K., Weatherford Laboratories
2460348-MS URTEC Conference Paper - 2016
Pandey, Yogendra Narayan, Halliburton
Yarus, Jeffrey M., Halliburton
Shi, Genbao, Halliburton
Liceras, Veronica, Halliburton
2461173-MS URTEC Conference Paper - 2016

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