Oceanology '88: Proceedings of an international conference

8-11 March 1988, Brighton, UK

Number of conference papers: 34

Black, Peter G., National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Elsberry, Russell L., Naval Postgraduate School
Shay, Lynn K., Naval Postgraduate School
AUTOE-V16-051 SUT Conference Paper - 1988
Elwany, M.H.S., ECY-Systems Management Associates Inc
Khafagy, A.A., Coastal Research Institute
Inman, D.L., Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Fanos, A.M., Coastal Research Institute
AUTOE-V16-089 SUT Conference Paper - 1988
Wood, Andrew L., Seakem Oceanography Ltd
Wells, Gary E., Pacific Weather Centre
AUTOE-V16-045 SUT Conference Paper - 1988
Hally, Patrick, Institut Maurice-Lamontagne
AUTOE-V16-019 SUT Conference Paper - 1988
Morley, N.H., The University, Southampton
Fay, C.W., Natural Environment Research Council
Statham, P.J., The University, Southampton
AUTOE-V16-283 SUT Conference Paper - 1988
Green, D., Seastar Instruments Limited
Bigelow, D., Seastar Instruments Limited
AUTOE-V16-151 SUT Conference Paper - 1988
Murray, C.N., Commission of the European Communities, Joint Research Centre
AUTOE-V16-227 SUT Conference Paper - 1988
Packwood, Alan R., Institute of Oceanographic Sciences
AUTOE-V16-127 SUT Conference Paper - 1988
Svensson, S., The National Defence Research Institute of Sweden
Ekstrom, C., The National Defence Research Institute of Sweden
Ericson, B., The National Defence Research Institute of Sweden
Lexander, J., The National Defence Research Institute of Sweden
AUTOE-V16-145 SUT Conference Paper - 1988
Galeazzi, Filiberto, Tecnomare SPA
Zingale, Pierluigi, Tecnomare SPA
AUTOE-V16-119 SUT Conference Paper - 1988

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