Aspect '96: Advances in Subsea Pipeline Engineering and Technology

27-28 November 1996, Aberdeen, UK

Number of conference papers: 14

Henderson, Kirk, AMITEC Ltd.
Watson, George, AMITEC Ltd.
ASPECT-96-041 SUT Conference Paper - 1996
McIntyre, S.I., Andrew Palmer and Associates
Lamb, M., Andrew Palmer and Associates
ASPECT-96-091 SUT Conference Paper - 1996
Parkash, S., Kvaerner John Brown
ASPECT-96-003 SUT Conference Paper - 1996
Vitali, L., Snamprogetti S.p.A.
Torselletti, E., Snamprogetti S.p.A.
Marchesani, F., Snamprogetti S.p.A.
Bruschi, R., Snamprogetti S.p.A.
ASPECT-96-135 SUT Conference Paper - 1996

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