1995 SEG Annual Meeting

8-13 October 1995, Houston, Texas

Number of conference papers: 447

Thierry, Philippe, Ecole des Mines de Paris
Lambaré, Gilles, Ecole des Mines de Paris
1995-0156 SEG Conference Paper - 1995
Digranes, Per, University of Bergen
Mjelde, Rolf, University of Bergen
Kodaira, Shuichi, University of Bergen
Berg, Eivind, Statoil
Shimamura, Hideki, Hokkaido University
Shiobara, Hajime, Hokkaido University
Kanazawa, Toshihiko, University of Tokyo
1995-0533 SEG Conference Paper - 1995
Arestad, John F., Colorado School of Mines
Davis, Thomas L., Colorado School of Mines
Benson, Robert D., Colorado School of Mines
1995-0219 SEG Conference Paper - 1995
Rollins, Francis O., Amoco Production Company
Skidmore, Charles M., Amoco Production Company
1995-1515 SEG Conference Paper - 1995
Cardamone, Maurizio, AGIP SpA
Loinger, Eugenio, AGIP SpA
1995-0600 SEG Conference Paper - 1995
Tadepalli, Sharma V., AGL/University of Houston
McDonald, John A., AGL/University of Houston
Sekharan, K.K., AGL/University of Houston
Tatham, Robert H., Texaco Inc.
1995-0592 SEG Conference Paper - 1995
Koek, Alexander E., Delft University of Technology
Faber, Gerard, Delft University of Technology
Berkhout, Augustinus J., Delft University of Technology
1995-0747 SEG Conference Paper - 1995
Schleicher, Karl L., Western Geophysical
Kapoor, S. Jerry, Western Geophysical
Albertin, Uwe K., Western Geophysical
Fowler, Paul J., Western Geophysical
Ward, Louis J., Western Geophysical
1995-1165 SEG Conference Paper - 1995
Connelly, Darrell, Infopipe Information Services
Galbraith, Mike, Seismic Image Software
1995-0933 SEG Conference Paper - 1995
Manin, Michel, CGG
Spitz, Simon, CGG
1995-1468 SEG Conference Paper - 1995

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