2018 SEG International Exposition and Annual Meeting

14-19 October 2018, Anaheim, California, USA

Number of conference papers: 1,110

Oware, Erasmus Kofi, SUNY at Buffalo
Awatey, Michael, SUNY at Buffalo
Hermans, Thomas, Ghent University, Belgium
Irving, James, University of Lausanne, Switzerland
2018-W12-01 SEG Conference Paper - 2018
Wilt, Michael, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
2018-W10-04 SEG Conference Paper - 2018
Nieuwenhuis, Greg, GroundMetrics, Inc.
Um, Evan Schankee, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab
MacLennan, Kris, GroundMetrics, Inc.
Yuan, Honglin, GroundMetrics, Inc.
2018-W10-03 SEG Conference Paper - 2018
Li, Y., Shell International E&P
King, K., Shell E&P
Wong, W., Shell International E&P
Chen, T., Shell International E&P
Wu, H., Shell E&P
2018-W20-05 SEG Conference Paper - 2018
Wang, Chang, Shandong Academy of Sciences
2018-W20-01 SEG Conference Paper - 2018
Yalamanchili, Rao, CGG Multi-Physics
Feijth, Jurriaan, CGG Multi-Physics
Hope, Jackie, CGG Multi-Physics
2018-W08-01 SEG Conference Paper - 2018
Swidinsky, Andrei, Colorado School of Mines
Streich, Rita, Shell Global Solutions International BV
2018-W10-01 SEG Conference Paper - 2018
Chen, Yuanzhong, University of Electronic and Technology of China
Hu, Guangmin, University of Electronic and Technology of China
Cai, Hanpeng, University of Electronic and Technology of China
Wu, Junjun, BGP Inc., CNPC
Li, Yanpeng, BGP Inc., CNPC
Yu, Gang, BGP Inc., CNPC
Li, Fei, BGP Inc., CNPC
2018-W20-04 SEG Conference Paper - 2018
Day-Lewis, Frederick D., U.S. Geological Survey
2018-W12-02 SEG Conference Paper - 2018
Neidell, Norman S., Consultant
Dopkin, Duane, Emerson-Paradigm
2018-W02-01 SEG Conference Paper - 2018

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