PSIG Annual Meeting

9-12 May 2017, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Number of conference papers: 19

Lubomirsky, Matt, Solar Turbines Incorporated
Kurz, Rainer, Solar Turbines Incorporated
1708 PSIG Conference Paper - 2017
Osiadacz, Andrzej J., Warsaw University of Technology
Chaczykowski, Maciej, Warsaw University of Technology
1710 PSIG Conference Paper - 2017
Lecuyer, Hugo A., Gaz Metro LP
Rice, Corey, DNV GL
1702 PSIG Conference Paper - 2017
Zlotnik, Anatoly, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Rudkevich, Aleksandr M., Newton Energy Group
Goldis, Evgeniy, Newton Energy Group
Ruiz, Pablo A., Boston University
Caramanis, Michael, Boston University
Carter, Richard, DNV-GL
Backhaus, Scott, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Tabors, Richard, Tabors Caramanis Rudkevich
Hornby, Richard, Tabors Caramanis Rudkevich
Baldwin, Daniel, Kinder Morgan
1715 PSIG Conference Paper - 2017
Brzeczkowski, Stanislaw, National Gas Dispatching, Gas Transmission System Operator GAZ-SYSTEM S.A.
Szeniawski, Maciej, National Gas Dispatching, Gas Transmission System Operator GAZ-SYSTEM S.A.
1701 PSIG Conference Paper - 2017
Dolan, Ryan, TransCanada Pipelines
Learn, Shawn, TransCanada Pipelines
1711 PSIG Conference Paper - 2017
Hamdani, Eban Mustapha, Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
1717 PSIG Conference Paper - 2017
Barrera, Colleen, Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
Richard, Molly, Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
Bishop, Bill, Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
Macias, Miguel, Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
Lydon, Heidi, Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
1719 PSIG Conference Paper - 2017
Wang, Xuesong, Amec Foster Wheeler USA Corporation
Yurchevich, John D., Amec Foster Wheeler USA Corporation
1707 PSIG Conference Paper - 2017
Arensman, Dennis, Enterprise Products
1713 PSIG Conference Paper - 2017

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