PSIG Annual Meeting

16-19 April 2013, Prague, Czech Republic

Number of conference papers: 27

Vanam, Srihari Kumar, ESI
de Marco, Fabio Capelassi Gavazzi, TBG
Nicioka, Jose Schuwa Kasai, TBG
1326 PSIG Conference Paper - 2013
Velde, Ben, Gassco
Postvoll, Willy, Gassco
Hanmer, Garry, ATMOS International Limited
Munro, James, ATMOS International Limited
1320 PSIG Conference Paper - 2013
Carpenter, Philip, Great Sky River Enterprises LLC
Henrie, Morgan, MH Consulting, Inc.
Nicholas, Ed, Nicholas Simulation Services
Liddell, Paul, Alyeska Pipeline Service Co.
1304 PSIG Conference Paper - 2013
Alfred, Steve, CenterPoint Energy Gas Transmission
Fasullo, Jonathan, CenterPoint Energy Gas Transmission
Pfister, John, CenterPoint Energy Gas Transmission
Daniels, Andrew, GL Noble-Denton
1318 PSIG Conference Paper - 2013
Abdou, Hesham A.M., Agiba Petroleum Company
1316 PSIG Conference Paper - 2013
dos Santos, Sidney Pereira, Rio Engineering and Consulting
Lubomirsky, Matt, Solar Turbines Incorporated
Kurz, Rainer, Solar Turbines Incorporated
1310 PSIG Conference Paper - 2013
Garcia-Hernandez, Augusto, Southwest Research Institute
Garibay, Hector Delgado, Southwest Research Institute
1312 PSIG Conference Paper - 2013
Wetenhall, Ben, Newcastle University
Race, Julia, Newcastle University
Downie, Martin, Newcastle University
1306 PSIG Conference Paper - 2013
Cosham, Andrew, Atkins
Jones, David G., Pipeline Integrity Engineers
Armstrong, Keith, GL Noble Denton
Allason, Dan, GL Noble Denton
Barnett, Julian, National Grid
1307 PSIG Conference Paper - 2013
Viana, Flavia, Southwest Research Institute
Garcia-Hernandez, Augusto, Southwest Research Institute
Supak, Kevin, Southwest Research Institute
1327 PSIG Conference Paper - 2013

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