Offshore Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition

16-18 March 2005, Ravenna, Italy

Number of conference papers: 105

Drago, M., Snamprogetti
Biagiotti, S.,
Iovenitti, L.,
2005-080 OMC Conference Paper - 2005
Nicolini, S., Accenture
2005-092 OMC Conference Paper - 2005
Benkhayal, A., Compagnie des Petroles Total (Libye)
Salem, A.A., National Oil Corporation
Shebani, M., National Oil Corporation
Dordan, J.-P., Total S.A.
Legris, B., Total S.A.
Battermann, K., Wintershall-Libya
2005-007 OMC Conference Paper - 2005
Hanafy, H.H., Khalda Petroleum Company
Macary, S.M., IPRredsea
Elnady, Y.M., Al Azhar University
Bayomi, A.A., Al Azhar University
El Batanony, M.H., Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute
2005-054 OMC Conference Paper - 2005
Zhao, D., Shandong University, PRC
Ma, R., Jinan University, PRC
Wang, W., Shandong University, PRC
Cai, D., Jinan University PRC
2005-105 OMC Conference Paper - 2005
Viberti, D., Politecnico di Torino
Verga, F., Politecnico di Torino
Delbosco, P., Politecnico di Torino
2005-118 OMC Conference Paper - 2005
Verga, F., Politecnico di Torino
Viberti, D., Politecnico di Torino
Di Renzo, D., Eni E&P
2005-055 OMC Conference Paper - 2005
Correra, S., EniTecnologie
Merino-Garcia, D., Consultant
2005-095 OMC Conference Paper - 2005
Candler, J., M-I Swaco, Houston
Rabke, S., M-I Swaco, Houston
Young, S., M-I Swaco, Houston
2005-114 OMC Conference Paper - 2005
Sani, S., RF-Akvamiljoe
Buffani, M., Eni E&P
Moltu, U.E., Total E&P Norge AS
Kelley, A., Eni Norge AS
Bracco, L., Eni E&P
pinturier, L., Eni Norge AS
Baussant, T., RF-Akvamiljoe
Larsen, B.K., RF-Akvamiljoe
Bechmann, R.K., RF-Akvamiljoe
Shadsheim, A., RF-Akvamiljoe
Sundt, R., RF-Akvamiljoe
Aas, E., RF-Akvamiljoe
Beyer, J., RF-Akvamiljoe
Boerseth, J.F., RF-Akvamiljoe
2005-046 OMC Conference Paper - 2005

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