24-28 March 2019, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Number of conference papers: 451

Sharma, Mohita, University of Calgary
Handy, Joshua, University of Calgary
An, Dongshan, University of Calgary
Voordouw, Gerrit, University of Calgary
Gieg, Lisa M., University of Calgary
2019-13198 NACE Conference Paper - 2019
Niespodziany, D., VDM Metals International GmbH
Behrens, R., VDM Metals International GmbH
Wolf, M., VDM Metals International GmbH
Alves, H., VDM Metals International GmbH
2019-13156 NACE Conference Paper - 2019
Daub, K., Queen's University
Smith, J. M., Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
Persaud, S. Y., Queen's University
2019-13489 NACE Conference Paper - 2019
Green, Matthew A., Neptune Research, Inc.
Rodriguez, Ruth, Neptune Research, Inc.
2019-13436 NACE Conference Paper - 2019
Onuoha, C., PureHM
McDonnell, S., PureHM
Pozniak, E., PureHM
Shankar, V., PureHM
Oszust, S., PureHM
2019-12810 NACE Conference Paper - 2019
Lim, Mary Lyn C., PPG
Fricano, Lindsay, PPG
Brown-Tseng, Elizabeth, PPG
Tan, Kar Tean, PPG
2019-13396 NACE Conference Paper - 2019
Zamanzadeh, Mehrooz, Matergenics, Inc.
Bayer, George T., Matergenics, Inc.
2019-12813 NACE Conference Paper - 2019
Du, Min, Ocean University of China
Wang, Huanhuan, Ocean University of China
Liu, Siqi, Ocean University of China
2019-12957 NACE Conference Paper - 2019
Amjad, Zahid, Walsh University
Kweik, Amannie, Walsh University
2019-12880 NACE Conference Paper - 2019
Hua, Yong, University of Leeds / Institute of Functional Surfaces
Barker, Richard, University of Leeds / Institute of Functional Surfaces
Wang, Chun, University of Leeds / Institute of Functional Surfaces
Neville, Anne, University of Leeds / Institute of Functional Surfaces
2019-12937 NACE Conference Paper - 2019

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