9-13 March 2014, San Antonio, Texas, USA

Number of conference papers: 350

Zeemann, Annelise, TECMETAL
Emygdio, Guilherme, TECMETAL
2014-4361 NACE Conference Paper - 2014
Aguirre-Vargas, Fabio, The Dow Chemical Company
Kirkpatrick, Don, The Dow Chemical Company
2014-3995 NACE Conference Paper - 2014
Ryder, Jeremy, Honeywell Corrosion Solutions
Tilekar, Jiteen, Honeywell Automation India Ltd
Srinivasan, Sridhar, Honeywell Corrosion Solutions
Yap, Kwei Meng, Honeywell Corrosion Solutions
2014-4276 NACE Conference Paper - 2014
Finneran, Shane, Det Norske Veritas (U.S.A.), Inc.
Krebs, Barry, Det Norske Veritas (U.S.A.), Inc.
2014-4421 NACE Conference Paper - 2014
Peng, Jin, Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology
Wolf, H. Alan, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering
Srdjan, Nesic, Institute for Corrosion and Multiphase Technology
2014-4075 NACE Conference Paper - 2014
Padilla, Jose A., Corrosion y Proteccion Ingenieria
de la Escalera, Lorenzo M. Martinez, Corrosion y Proteccion Ingenieria
Alva, Angel, Corrosion y Proteccion Ingenieria
Godoy, Arturo, Corrosion y Proteccion Ingenieria
Gomez, Lorenzo Martinez, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico
2014-4342 NACE Conference Paper - 2014
Zhao, Jinyun, PetroChina Pipeline R&D Center
Teng, Yanping, PetroChina Pipeline R&D Center
Zhang, Feng, PetroChina Pipeline R&D Center
Chen, Hongyuan, PetroChina Pipeline R&D Center
2014-3918 NACE Conference Paper - 2014
Pensado, Osvaldo, Southwest Research Institute®
Shukla, Pavan K., Southwest Research Institute®
Fisher, Jay, Southwest Research Institute®
2014-4346 NACE Conference Paper - 2014
Ki, Byeong Ho, DYCE Global
Sabri, Hasan, Kuwait Oil Company
Brossia, C. Sean, DYCE Global
Kang, Cheolho, DYCE Global
2014-4227 NACE Conference Paper - 2014
Tajallipour, Nima, Broadsword Corrosion Engineering Ltd.
Teevens, Patrick J., Broadsword Corrosion Engineering Ltd.
Akanni, Wale, Broadsword Corrosion Engineering Ltd.
Arumugam, Sridhar, Broadsword Corrosion Engineering Ltd.
2014-4067 NACE Conference Paper - 2014

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