17-21 March 2013, Orlando, Florida

Number of conference papers: 420

Alfano, Tony, Det Norske Veritas (USA) Incorporated
Bubenik, Tom, Det Norske Veritas (USA) Incorporated
Muhlbauer, Kent, WKM Consultancy, LLC
2013-2350 NACE Conference Paper - 2013
Presuel-Moreno, Francisco, Florida Atlantic University
Gutierrez, Francisco, Florida Atlantic University
2013-2552 NACE Conference Paper - 2013
Thebault, Florian, Vallourec Research Aulnoye
Bureau-Bayart, Anne-Sophie, Vallourec Research Aulnoye
Delattre, Laurent, Vallourec Research Aulnoye
Koschel, Diana, Vallourec Research Aulnoye
Desdoit, Emmanuel, Vallourec Research Aulnoye
Orlans, Bertine, Vallourec and MannesmannTubes
2013-2340 NACE Conference Paper - 2013
Gu, Pu, PPG Industries, Incorporated
Watson, James, PPG Industries, Incorporated
Li, Hong, PPG Industries, Incorporated
Richards, Cheryl, PPG Industries, Incorporated
2013-2629 NACE Conference Paper - 2013
King, Fraser, Integrity Corrosion Consulting Limited
Robinson, Peter, Quintessa Limited
Watson, Claire, Quintessa Limited
Burrow, Jenny, Quintessa Limited
Padovani, Cristiano, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority
2013-2717 NACE Conference Paper - 2013
Bandeira, Merlin C.E., LNDC/COPPE/UFRJ
Beserra, André F.V.A., LNDC/COPPE/UFRJ
Tavares, Sérgio G., LNDC/COPPE/UFRJ
Matos, Toseli, LNDC/COPPE/UFRJ
Moreira, Rogaciano Maia, LNDC/COPPE/UFRJ
Mattos, Oscar Rosa, LNDC/COPPE/UFRJ
Santos, Fábio, GE Oil & Gas do Brasil Ltda
Pires, Fábio, GE Oil & Gas do Brasil Ltda
2013-2680 NACE Conference Paper - 2013
Xiong, Yao, Ohio University
Brown, Bruce, Ohio University
Kinsella, Brian, Ohio University
Nesic, Srdjan, Ohio University
Pailleret, Alain, Laboratoire Interfaces et Systèmes Electrochimiques, CNRS, UPR 15
2013-2521 NACE Conference Paper - 2013
Litke, Wes, Baker Hughes Incorporated
Blais, Pierre, Baker Hughes Incorporated
Wamburi, Wellington, Baker Hughes Incorporated
Bojes, Joe, Baker Hughes Incorporated
Lerbscher, John, Baker Hughes Incorporated
2013-2339 NACE Conference Paper - 2013
Smith, Kevin L., California State Polytechnic University
Kutyan, Armen, California State Polytechnic University
Abolian, Shaghik A., California State Polytechnic University
Krenek, Tom F., California State Polytechnic University
Salas, Stephanie A., California State Polytechnic University
Ravi, Vilupanur A., California State Polytechnic University
2013-2865 NACE Conference Paper - 2013
Mountain, Bruce J., GNS Science, Wairakei Research Centre
Björke, Julia K., GNS Science, Wairakei Research Centre
Seward, Terry M., Victoria University of Wellington
2013-2246 NACE Conference Paper - 2013

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