12-16 March 2006, San Diego, California

Number of conference papers: 391

Morefield, Sean, US Army ERDC
Hock, Vincent, US Army ERDC
Carlyle, John, Carlyle Consulting
06253 NACE Conference Paper - 2006
Murray, John N., Murray's et al
06682 NACE Conference Paper - 2006
Mason, Robert B., Concurrent Technologies Corp.
Singleton, Mark, Concurrent Technologies Corp.
Konrad, Martin, Concurrent Technologies Corp.
Powell, Wayne, Concurrent Technologies Corp.
Skelton, Donald R., US Army
06251 NACE Conference Paper - 2006
Messer, Barry, Fluor Canada Ltd.
Rahimi, Parviz, National Center for Upgrading Technology
Rodgers, Ryan, Florida State University
Marshall, Alan G., Florida State University
Phillips, Terrell T., Fluor Corp.
06582 NACE Conference Paper - 2006
Eisinger, Nathan C., Special Metals Corp.
Shoemaker, Lewis E., Special Metals Corp.
06231 NACE Conference Paper - 2006
Pint, Bruce A., Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Keiser, James R., Oak Ridge National Laboratory
06469 NACE Conference Paper - 2006
Alves, Helena, ThyssenKrupp VDM GmbH
Stenner, Friedrich, ThyssenKrupp VDM GmbH
Hoxha, Antoine, Prayon Technologies
Agarwal, Dinesh C., ThyssenKrupp VDM USA Inc.
06221 NACE Conference Paper - 2006
Terpstra, Sieger, Shell Global Solutions International BV
Hoeve, Fred, Shell Global Solutions International BV
van de Camp, Peter, Shell Global Solutions International BV
Stewart, Jake, Shell E&P Europe
06380 NACE Conference Paper - 2006
Weinell, Claus E., Hempel A/S
Roll, Jan, Hempel A/S
Marsh, Nick, Hempel A/S
06030 NACE Conference Paper - 2006
Namduri, Haritha, University of North Texas
Nasrazadani, Seifollah, University of North Texas
06406 NACE Conference Paper - 2006

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