The 28th International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference

10-15 June 2018, Sapporo, Japan

Number of conference papers: 748

Kleiman, Jacob, Structural Integrity Technologies Inc.
Kudryavtsev, Yuri, Structural Integrity Technologies Inc.
Sugihara, Hiroo, Laser Measurement Corporation
I-18-738 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2018
Knezevic, David J., Akselos, Inc.
Kang, HeonYong, Texas A&M University
Sharma, Partha, DNV-GL
Malinowski, Grzegorz, DNV-GL
Nguyen, Trong Thuc, Akselos S.A.
I-18-185 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2018
Chang, Qi, Harbin Engineering University
Feng, Guo-qing, Harbin Engineering University
Li, Chen-feng, Harbin Engineering University
Ren, Hui-long, Harbin Engineering University, HEU Qingdao Ship Science and Technology Co Ltd
Shen, Xiao-xi, Harbin Engineering University
I-18-133 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2018
Buccino, Mariano, University of Napoli Federico II
Salerno, Daniela, University of Napoli Federico II
Calabrese, Mario, University of Napoli Federico II
I-18-607 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2018
Shogaki, Takaharu, National Defense Academy
Okuda, Daishi, National Defense Academy
I-18-401 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2018
Zhao, Yulin, Stevens Institute of Technology
Ai, Yufei, Stevens Institute of Technology
Liu, Yao, Wuchang Institute of Technology
I-18-399 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2018
Lin, Yi., State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineering
Duan, Lei, State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineering
Li, Ye, State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineering
I-18-044 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2018
Nakamura, Masahiko, Kyushu University
Noda, Joshiro, Kyushu University
Kajiwara, Hiroyuki, Kyushu University
Shinkai, Yusei, Kyushu University
I-18-670 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2018
Zhao, Lin, Ocean University of China
Yin, Yanju, Ocean University of China
I-18-530 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2018
Wu, Jing-Ping, National Taiwan Ocean University
Chien, Lien-Kwei, National Taiwan Ocean University
Tseng, Wen-Chien, National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering
Fang, Chen-Yang, National Taiwan Ocean University
I-18-628 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2018

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