The 28th International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference

10-15 June 2018, Sapporo, Japan

Number of conference papers: 748

Valizadeh, Alireza, Monash University, Carnegie Clean Energy limited
Rafiee, Ashkan, Carnegie Clean Energy limited
Francis, Vivek, Monash University, IITB
Rudman, Murray, Monash University
Ramakrishnan, Balaji, IITB
I-18-654 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2018
Kim, Hyun Dong, Mirae Ocean Corporation
Choi, Jinhyu, Mirae Ocean Corporation
Kwak, Kisu, Pukyong National University
I-18-431 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2018
Zou, Chun-Ling, Harbin Engineering University
Wang, Qiang, Harbin Engineering University
Liao, Kang-Ping, Harbin Engineering University
Ma, Qing-Wei, Harbin Engineering University
I-18-073 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2018
Wang, Wei, Harbin Engineering University
Wang, Hexiao, Harbin Engineering University
Sun, Liping, Harbin Engineering University
I-18-311 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2018
Zhai, Qiu, Hohai University
Hou, Jie, Hohai University
Wang, Huakun, Hohai University
Jiang, Yuanshu, Hohai University
Chen, Kaixiao, Hohai University
I-18-187 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2018
Chen, Limin, Harbin Institute of Technology
He, Guanghua, Harbin Institute of Technology
Zhang, Jingwen, Harbin Institute of Technology
Wang, Jian, Harbin Institute of Technology
I-18-276 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2018
Lan, Yuan-Jyh, National Taiwan Ocean University
I-18-166 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2018
Karulin, Evgeny B., The Krylov State Research Centre, State Marine University
Karulina, Marina M., State Marine University
Tarovik, Oleg V., State Marine University
I-18-228 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2018
Thorsen, Mats Jørgen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
Sævik, Svein, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
I-18-701 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2018
Seo, Junwon, South Dakota State University
Pokhrel, Jharna, South Dakota State University
I-18-393 ISOPE Conference Paper - 2018

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