11th North American Conference on Multiphase Production Technology

6-8 June 2018, Banff, Canada

Number of conference papers: 34

Chi, Y., The University of Tulsa
Zhou, S., The University of Tulsa / Changzhou University, PR China
Daraboina, N., The University of Tulsa
Sarica, C., The University of Tulsa
2018-153 BHR Conference Paper - 2018
Rempto, M. J., ISDB FlowTech, Brazil
Pasqualette, M. A., ISDB FlowTech, Brazil
Fontalvo, E. M. G., ISDB FlowTech, Brazil
Carneiro, J. N. E., ISDB FlowTech, Brazil
Fonseca, R., Petrobras, Brazil
Ciambelli, J. R. P., Petrobras, Brazil
Johansen, S. T., SINTEF Industry, Norway
Løvfall, B. T., SINTEF Industry, Norway
2018-297 BHR Conference Paper - 2018
Oliemans, R. V. A., TU Delft, The Netherlands
2018-005 BHR Conference Paper - 2018
Zhao, K., Xi'an Jiaotong University, China
Bai, B., Xi'an Jiaotong University, China
2018-313 BHR Conference Paper - 2018
Asgharpour, A., The University of Tulsa
Zahedi, P., The University of Tulsa
Vieira, R., MSI International Inc., USA
Parsi, M., DNV GL North USA, Inc. - North America Oil & Gas, USA
Shirazi, S. A., The University of Tulsa
McLaury, B. S., The University of Tulsa
2018-039 BHR Conference Paper - 2018
Issa, R. I., Multiphase Simulation Ltd., UK
Castagna, J., Multiphase Simulation Ltd., UK
2018-229 BHR Conference Paper - 2018
Viana, F., Southwest Research Institute, USA
Mohan, R., The University of Tulsa
Shoham, O., The University of Tulsa
2018-097 BHR Conference Paper - 2018
van 't Westende, J. M. C., TNO, Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamics, The Netherlands
Kurian, J., TNO, Heat Transfer and Fluid Dynamics, The Netherlands
2018-219 BHR Conference Paper - 2018
Huard, M., InnoTech Alberta, Canada
Adane, K. F., InnoTech Alberta, Canada
Fuhr, A., InnoTech Alberta, Canada
2018-405 BHR Conference Paper - 2018
Melchuna, A., Colorado School of Mines
Glénat, P., Total Exploration-Production, France
Rivero, M., Total E&P Research and Technology, USA
Sum, A. K., Colorado School of Mines
2018-143 BHR Conference Paper - 2018

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