10th North American Conference on Multiphase Technology

8-10 June 2016, Banff, Canada

Number of conference papers: 32

Bassani, C. L., Federal University of Technology – Parana
Barbuto, F. A. A., Federal University of Technology – Parana
Morales, R. E. M., Federal University of Technology – Parana
Sum, A. K., Colorado School of Mines
2016-071 BHR Conference Paper - 2016
Barton, L., MACAW Engineering Ltd.
Sandana, D., MACAW Engineering Ltd.
Ladwa, R., ROSEN Group
Birkinshaw, P., MACAW Engineering Ltd.
Soltis, J., MACAW Engineering Ltd.
2016-217 BHR Conference Paper - 2016
Zhang, J., The University of Tulsa
McLaury, B. S., The University of Tulsa
Shirazi, S. A., The University of Tulsa
2016-433 BHR Conference Paper - 2016
van 't Westende, J. M. C., TNO
Shoeibi-Omrani, P., TNO
Vercauteren, F., TNO
Nennie, E., TNO
2016-087 BHR Conference Paper - 2016
Adames, P., Virtual Materials Group Inc.
2016-285 BHR Conference Paper - 2016
Parsi, M., DNV GL
Nair, A., DNV GL
Kara, M., DNV GL
Agrawal, M., BP
Hosseini, S. A., ANSYS Inc.
Pedersen, A. O., ClampOn
2016-245 BHR Conference Paper - 2016
Obie, O., University of Huddersfield
Lucas, G. P., University of Huddersfield
2016-135 BHR Conference Paper - 2016
Chung, S., Seoul National University
Pereyra, E., The University of Tulsa
Sarica, C., The University of Tulsa
Soto, G., Autonomous Metropolitan University Campus Lerma
Alruhaimani, F., The University of Tulsa
Kang, J., Seoul National University
2016-259 BHR Conference Paper - 2016
Millington, D., NEL and Coventry University
2016-339 BHR Conference Paper - 2016
Voulgaropoulos, V., University College London
Zhai, L., Tianjin University
Ioannou, K., Chevron Energy Technology Company
Angeli, P., University College London
2016-305 BHR Conference Paper - 2016

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