17th International Conference on Multiphase Production Technology

10-12 June 2015, Cannes, France

Number of conference papers: 34

Biberg, D., Schlumberger SPT TC
Staff, G., Schlumberger SPT TC
Hoyer, N., Schlumberger SPT TC
Holm, H., Statoil
2015-G5 BHR Conference Paper - 2015
Omar, R., University of Nottingham
Azzopardi, B., University of Nottingham
Hewakandamby, B., University of Nottingham
2015-B2 BHR Conference Paper - 2015
Nossen, J., Institute for Energy Technology
Sira, T., Institute for Energy Technology
Vanvik, T., Schlumberger
Holm, H. T., Statoil
2015-G3 BHR Conference Paper - 2015
Worthen, R. A., Shell Projects & Technology
Henkes, R. A. W. M., Shell Projects & Technology and Delft University of Technology
2015-C2 BHR Conference Paper - 2015
Azpiroz, J. E., Delft University of Technology
Hendrix, M. H. W., Delft University of Technology
Breugem, W.-P., Delft University of Technology
Henkes, R. A. W. M., Delft University of Technology and Shell Projects & Technology
2015-C4 BHR Conference Paper - 2015
Candelier, C., Total E&P
Papot, F., Total E&P
2015-K3 BHR Conference Paper - 2015
Parsi, M., The University of Tulsa
Vieira, R. E., The University of Tulsa
Agrawal, M., BP
Srinivasan, V., 3 ANSYS Inc.
McLaury, B. S., The University of Tulsa
Shirazi, S. A., The University of Tulsa
Schleicher, E., Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
Hampel, U., Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
2015-D4 BHR Conference Paper - 2015
Lizarraga-Garcia, E., MIT
Buongiorno, J., MIT
Al-Safran, E., Kuwait University
Lakehal, D., ASCOMP
2015-C1 BHR Conference Paper - 2015
Zhai, S., Wood Group Kenny
Chauvet, C., Wood Group Kenny
Azarinezhad, R., Wood Group Kenny
Zeng, J., Wood Group Kenny
Priyadarshi, A., Wood Group Kenny
2015-H3 BHR Conference Paper - 2015
Abubakar, A., Sultan Qaboos University
Al-Wahaibi, T., Sultan Qaboos University
Al-Hashmi, A. R., Sultan Qaboos University
Al-Wahaibi, Y., Sultan Qaboos University
Al-Ajmi, A., Sultan Qaboos University
Eshrati, M., Sultan Qaboos University
2015-D1 BHR Conference Paper - 2015

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