9th North American Conference on Multiphase Technology

11-13 June 2014, Banff, Canada

Number of conference papers: 36

Oliveira, B.D., Universidade Federal de Itajuba
Carvalho, R.D.M., Universidade Federal de Itajuba
Goncalvez, J.L., Universidade Federal de Itajuba
Pineda, H.A., Universidad de los Andes
Lopez, F.A., Universidad de los Andes
Ratkovich, N.R., Universidad de los Andes
2014-B4 BHR Conference Paper - 2014
Rojas, Y., FEESA-IPM Pty. Ltd.
Watson, M., FEESA Ltd.
Barbeau, S., FEESA-IPM Pty. Ltd.
Waring, R., FEESA-IPM Pty. Ltd.
2014-D1 BHR Conference Paper - 2014
Olaniyan, Y., Total
Larrey, D., Total
2014-J1 BHR Conference Paper - 2014
Kroes, R.F., Shell Projects & Technology and University of Twente
Henkes, R.A.W.M., Shell Projects & Technology and Delft University of Technology
2014-E3 BHR Conference Paper - 2014
Rithauddeen, M.A., Saudi Aramco
Al-Adel, S., Saudi Aramco
2014-F1 BHR Conference Paper - 2014
Liu, L., Institute for Energy Technology
Hu, B., Flow Capture AS
Langsholt, M., Institute for Energy Technology
Yang, Z., Statoil ASA
2014-B3 BHR Conference Paper - 2014
Teixeira, V., Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.
Gessner, T., Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.
Borges, O., Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.
Furtado, R., Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.
Betonico, G., Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.
Estevam, V., Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.
Tosta, L.C., Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.
2014-H2 BHR Conference Paper - 2014
Appathurai, S., Chevron Energy Technology Company
Kouba, G.E., Chevron Energy Technology Company
2014-H3 BHR Conference Paper - 2014
Hegde, G.A., Colorado School of Mines
Rao, I., Shell Global Solutions (US) Inc.
Danielson, T.J., ConocoPhillips
Sum, A.K., Colorado School of Mines
2014-F2 BHR Conference Paper - 2014
Edomwonyi-Otu, L.C., University College London
Chinaud, M., University College London
Angeli, P., University College London
2014-C2 BHR Conference Paper - 2014

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