8th North American Conference on Multiphase Technology

20-22 June 2012, Banff, Alberta, Canada

Number of conference papers: 27

Lakehal, D., ASCOMP GmbH, ASCOMP USA Inc
Caviezel, D., ASCOMP GmbH
Narayanan, C., ASCOMP GmbH
Labois, M., ASCOMP GmbH
Thomas, S., ASCOMP USA Inc
2012-A017 BHR Conference Paper - 2012
Goncalves, L., Universidade Federal de Itajuba
Carvalho, R.D.M., Universidade Federal de Itajuba
Muhl, J., Montanuniversitat Leoben
Tichauer, W.A., Montanuniversitat Leoben
Bannwart, A.C., Universidade Estadual de Campinas
2012-A012 BHR Conference Paper - 2012
Lao, L., Cranfield University
Xing, L., Cranfield University
Yeung, H., Cranfield University
2012-A026 BHR Conference Paper - 2012
Dong, H., SPT Group
Shi, H., BP
Ross, J., BP
Berger, R., Manatee
2012-A003 BHR Conference Paper - 2012
Singh, A., Shell Projects & Technology
Henkes, R.A.W.M., Shell Projects & Technology, Delft University of Technology
2012-A016 BHR Conference Paper - 2012
Malekzadeh, R., The University of Tulsa
Mudde, R.F., Delft University of Technology
Henkes, R.A.W.M., Delft University of Technology, Shell Projects & Technology
2012-A019 BHR Conference Paper - 2012
Sum, A.K., Colorado School of Mines
Koh, C.A., Colorado School of Mines
Sloan, E., Colorado School of Mines
2012-A027 BHR Conference Paper - 2012
Morrison, G., Texas A&M University
Patil, A., Texas A&M University
Cihak, D., Texas A&M University
2012-A001 BHR Conference Paper - 2012
Mantilla, I., Chevron Energy Technology
Kouba, G., Chevron Energy Technology
Viana, F., Southwest Research Institute
Roberts, R., Chevron North America E&P
2012-A014 BHR Conference Paper - 2012
Mirazizi, H. Karami, McDougall School of Petroleum Engineering, University of Tulsa
Shang, W., McDougall School of Petroleum Engineering, University of Tulsa
Sarica, C., McDougall School of Petroleum Engineering, University of Tulsa
2012-A010 BHR Conference Paper - 2012

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