14th International Conference on Multiphase Production Technology

17-19 June 2009, Cannes, France

Number of conference papers: 33

Foss, M., Institute for Energy Technology
Hald, K., Institute for Energy Technology
Liu, L., Institute for Energy Technology
Nuland, S., Institute for Energy Technology
2009-H1 BHR Conference Paper - 2009
Evers, M.G.L., Shell Global Solutions International B.V.
van Beusekom, V.L., Shell Global Solutions International B.V.
Henkes, R.A.W.M., Shell Global Solutions International B.V.
2009-F2 BHR Conference Paper - 2009
Elichev, V., Rosneft Oil Company
Garipov, T., Rosneft Oil Company
Krasnov, V., Rosneft Oil Company
2009-E2 BHR Conference Paper - 2009
Biberg, D., SPT Group
Holmås, H., SPT Group
Staff, G., SPT Group
Sira, T., Institute for Energy Technology
Nossen, J., Institute for Energy Technology
Andersson, P., Institute for Energy Technology
Lawrence, C., Institute for Energy Technology
Hu, B., Institute for Energy Technology
Holmås, K., Institute for Energy Technology
2009-J2 BHR Conference Paper - 2009
Zakarian, E., Shtokman Development A.G.
Holm, H., Shtokman Development A.G.
Larrey, D., Total
2009-I4 BHR Conference Paper - 2009
Groth, T., Leibniz University of Hanover
Luke, A., Leibniz University of Hanover
Mewes, D., Leibniz University of Hanover
Reichwage, M., Bornemann Pumps
2009-C2 BHR Conference Paper - 2009
Al-safran, E., Kuwait University
Kouba, G., Chevron Texaco Incorporated
2009-G3 BHR Conference Paper - 2009
Darbouret, M., IFP
Hénaut, I., IFP
Palermo, T., IFP
Hurtevent, C., Total
Glénat, P., Total
2009-H3 BHR Conference Paper - 2009
Dong, H., SPT Group
Zhang, H.-Q., The University of Tulsa
Sarica, C., The University of Tulsa
2009-D2 BHR Conference Paper - 2009
Mavromoustaki, A., Imperial College London
Lim, B., Imperial College London
Ng, B., Imperial College London
Mirza, S.M., Imperial College London
Hale, C.P., Imperial College London
Manolis, I., Imperial College London
Gringarten, A.C., Imperial College London
Hewitt, G.F., Imperial College London
Matar, O.K., Imperial College London
2009-E4 BHR Conference Paper - 2009

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