Changes in the magnitude of the effective stresses due to hydrocarbon production will lead to formation failure in the reservoir rock and around the wellbore. The failure around a wellbore and within the reservoir formation assumes that rock can fail due to mechanical damage within the formation. This damage can be defined as an irreversible dissipative. This study aims to evaluate the damage mechanics due to applied horizontal and vertical forces due to reservoir depletion. Formation mechanical properties, the magnitude of the axial and lateral stresses, and fluid properties will characterize the degree of damage mechanics. Such damage can be described on a macroscopic scale via a damage variable. The damage variable is equal to the increase in the porosity of the formation due to the creation of microcracks because of stress concentration around the wellbore. It is also assumed that damage is linearly related to the material's amount of plastic shear strain. The damage degree, including the debris's size and shape, depends on the grain cementation, fluid flow velocity, and the magnitude of the acting forces. The mechanism of damage can be sand grain sliding or crashing. The resultant solid production while hydrocarbon production or formation damage depends on the size of the debris. This innovative study will be used as a guideline for hydrocarbon production and injection strategies to avoid reducing porosity and Permeability.


The yielded zones will be characterized to evaluate the wellbore stability during drilling and production due to stress redistribution, strain concentration, and fluid flow. This modeling will improve the borehole completion and stimulation and avoid wellbore blockage during hydrocarbon production.

The knowledge of failure mechanics usually determines the type of failure criterion used in wellbore stability modeling. This paper used the Drucker-Prager criteria for wellbore stability assessment.

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