A major accident is a "nightmare" which no one volunteers to experience in their life. In order to prevent this "nightmare" from coming true, a series of efforts need to be put in place together, with a high level of awareness and sustainable implementation. However, it is always much easier to describe these "complicated" steps to achieve the objective on paper, than it is to complete in the real operation.

AIMS (Asset Integrity Management System) itself has become increasingly popular after the Piper Alpha, Macondo, BP Texas and many more other similar major accidents. Many efforts to prevent such kinds of accidents were carving in the industries, through various technical works methodology to define the respective elements under the umbrella of AIMS. In our company, such management system is known as PSAIMS (Process Safety & Asset Integrity Management System) with basic principle to prevent major accidents by managing the major consequences - so-called Major Integrity Threats (MIT) from Operational Risks by ensuring the status of the Integrity Barrier (represented by SECE - Safety and Environment Critical Elements). One of the key important points to prevent Major Accidents is to ensure a consistent, systematic, and sustainable implementation of MIT management. Through this MIT management, a complete picture about the current and potential threats can be obtained and becomes consideration for further strategic decisions.

In this paper, we will focus in sharing our experiences in dealing with Major Integrity Threats (MIT) management as an integral part of PSAIMS.


PT Pertamina Hulu Energi (PHE) is a subsidiary of PT Pertamina (PERSERO) - Indonesia's national oil and gas company, with coverage activities from exploration, development, operation, production and distribution of oil and gas in Indonesia. PHE manages the portfolio and/or operations of 58 subsidiaries, 6 joint ventures and 2 affiliated companies that manage oil and gas blocks at home and abroad, as well as engaged in downstream oil and gas business activities and services with oil and gas production of 540,000 BOPD and 2500 MMSCFD.

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