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This presentation describes the proven benefits available to companies by introducing new agile digitalization solutions into their existing processes and workflows. Businesses utilizing digitalization technology become more efficient with simplified, mobile reporting and improved data management, making it easier to work with 3rd parties, regardless of the complexity of the project.

Digitalization offers something new to the industry by considering an entire process, in particular the workflow and data needs across the many roles involved. It is not just software, but a solution that eliminates non value added work related to the collection and sharing of data through easy to use, permission-based interfaces that interact with a standardized cloud storage platform.

As markets expand, the work opportunities exceeds the manpower available to complete it – requiring companies to do more with less resources. Utilizing digitalization technology can be a cost-effective way to not only improve efficiency, but ensure compliance and reduce rework.


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In this presentation, we will cover how digitalization impacts industrial processes, how to ensure your digitalization initiative is successful, and where to start and what to expect when implementing mobile technology and software. We will address these points using proven examples of successful digitalization related to the corrosion industry.

We will cover the barriers encountered when implementing a digitalization solution and how to overcome them, what to look for when evaluating a solution, and the benefits available to companies looking to incorporate digitalization technology into their current processes and workflow.

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