Proactive corrosion monitoring programs are playing a key role in determining the operating life and health of the capital assets. One of the most critical programs that is being implemented in the oil and gas processing facilities is the Integrity Operating Window (IOW) program. Such a corrosion management program is mainly intended to provide an instant approach to assess the integrity level of the assets by gathering information from operations, lab services, process, and inspection data in order to produce out a systematic corrosion control program that elaboratively impact the prevention of integrity threat and further prevent loss of primary containment. However, the challenge in IOW programs is centered around rendering a full cycled corrosion management strategy that is communicated through an auto generated alarm system. At one of the leading energy companies in Oman, engineers from various disciplines were successful in configuring a full real time IOW corrosion management program using digitalization tools and pre-set IOW key performance indicators (KPIs).


The purpose of this paper is to emphasize the current advancements of monitoring the integrity level of the processing facilities using means of Integrity Operating Window (IOW) program. In our company, integrity and material & corrosion departments across the upstream and downstream businesses successfully implemented a well oriented and constructive IOW programs to manage the corrosion risks and monitor the integrity level of the capital assets and proactively assess the situation to prevent loss of primary containment. The technology that sets behind this success is the digitalized approach that gathers information from process, operations, lab services and inspection programs and converts them all into a high-level real-time tracking system that asses the current status of corrosion threats and integrity level. Through that, the second major success is centered around the KPI system that is being used to track the performance and the efficiency of the IOW program. This KPI system is directly linked to the process safety management indicators to ensure that the full performance image of the assets is demonstrated.

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