The first time that I heard of the World Petroleum Congresses was in 1953 as a young student. In one of the first lectures of his course Professor Waterman told his students that the best investment of their monthly allowance would be in the proceedings of the 3rd World Petroleum Congress held in 1951 in the Netherlands.

Looking round I could see no great enthusiasm among my fellow students. They clearly had different priorities when it came to spending their money.

But the interest remained to learn more of this apparently important institution.

It is therefore with great pleasure that I follow in the steps of Dewhurst UK Bihoreau France Tuyl Schuitemaker Netherlands Murphree USA Sir Stephen Gibson UK Navarre France Rossini USA Von Ilsemann German and Mai from the USA.

Ladies and Gentlemen, warmest thanks are due to Klaus Mai for guiding the WPC through a time of great change, with great challenge but also great opportunities. Klaus, thank you very much.

Ladies and Gentlemen, when we flew in last week we saw the rugged mountains rising out of the sea with friendly houses nestled on the slopes.

Last night, restless, I woke and there was light in my room. Looking up I saw the moon and thought of home. I wish you a good journey from this friendly Norway and hope to meet you again in hospitable China. 23 A

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