It is a great pleasure for me, on behalf of the Scientific Programme Committee, to make a few remarks concerning the technical programme of the Congress. First, however, I would like to add some acknowledgements to those the President has already given.

The thirty National Committees of the member countries of the World Petroleum Congresses are really the backbone of the organization and without them and their efforts a Congress like this could not be organized. With only a few exceptions these Committees responded to the many requests of the Scientific Programme Committee for suggestions for topics to be dealt with in the programme, for authors and for session chairmen and vice chairmen.

On your behalf, and from the Scientific Programme Committee, I thank the National Committees for their invaluable contribution. I might only add that this type of help could be even further enhanced if all the National Committees, including those of some of the smaller and some of the developing countries, would respond to the call for topics, authors and session officers.

May I also add, on behalf of the Scientific Programme Committee, our thanks to the British Organizing Committee and its agent, the World Petroleum Jubilee Congress Limited, for arranging such outstanding physical facilities for the Congress, which are of great importance in connection with the technical programme.

May I offer your and my special thanks to Mr.

Gerry Brace of the Institut Français du Pétrole for his assistance in connection with the interpretation services, for providing translations in French for those abstracts received in English, and for checking French texts.

The President has already thanked the Chairmen, Vice Chairmen and Scientific Secretaries for their effort and skill in ensuring the smooth and efficient conduct of the sessions. I add the thanks of the I Scientific Programme Committee and of myself.

The person who assists the Chairman of the Scientific Programme Committee and who is key to the successful operation of the Committee is its Secretary.

Mrs Liz Ward, now Mrs Liz Glossop, served with great efficiency in this role for the first few months of the period of preparation for this Congress. Since then, handling the great volume of communication and correspondence, Mrs Olga Leapman has done a most outstanding job as I am sure all of the authors and session officers will agree. I wish especially to thank her.

I come now in my acknowledgements to the authors themselves. Truly they, together with you the audience, make a Congress. From them we have received excellent and timely disclosures of new research and operating results as well as reviews of recent developments in the wide range of fields covered by petroleum technology. You have expressed your appreciation to them individually at the close of the various sessions. May I now thank them collectively.

At this time I would li

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