In the field of Planet Imaging, Total is focusing on disruptive R&D to deliver true to life 3D models of the subsurface and surface. For that purpose, we are directing our efforts to control each step of the geophysics chain from the data acquisition to the final image.

What if :

- we imagined pioneer technologies and operational models with the agility to quickly and precisely evaluate the prospectivity of remote and huge scale onshore or offshore areas, without any environmental impact?

- the solutions would be targeting multiphysics fit-for-purpose at an upfront stage of the E&P value chain?

- such valuable asset would provide us enough insights not to drill blind or even not drill at all? Or optimally monitor on-demand our daily energy production with highly-repeatable data? What if our key technologies would come :

- from the air, with swarms of automated drones laying down thousands of biodegradable wireless seismic sensors? Or unmanned ground vehicles keeping our teams at no-exposure? Or disruptive wing-shaped helium-filled airships, used for logistics and emitting 20 times less CO2 than helicopters? This marks the inception of METISR (Multiphysics Exploration Technology Integrated System) a real-time system aimed at addressing imaging challenges for onshore domains!

- from the sea, such as a new acceptable marine source, compatible with marine life, at the contrary of impulsive air-guns? This solution is the MARINE VIBRATOR aimed at addressing imaging challenges for offshore domains!

- from the space with DEMETER, a workspace to allow a 24/24 real-time life asset monitoring, by the use of massive satellite data flows, ambitioning a full acceptability and transparency of the operations.

A future revolution for upgrading operational performance and acceptability is on its way for Total, the major of the responsible energy.

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