The Reliance Group is India's largest private sector enterprise with business in energy & materials value chain. With over 24,000 employees & 100,000+ contract workers, RIL believes that a healthy employee and a healthy workplace is the strongest pillar for sustainable growth of any organisation. The management believes that driving and sustaining behavioural changes; by adopting best health practises at workplace, create sense of ownership & bring hazard free environment. To inculcate best practises in field of occupational health and safety, an innovative idea was introduced known as CASHe-Change Agents for Safety, Health and Workplace Environment .This innovative project with pro active preventive approach comprising team work of medical, safety, environment & technical professionals have established a landmark in field of occupational health resulting in hazard free environment and a positive change in work attitude of employees and contract workers from grass root to top level. CASHe projects have lead to manufacturing divisions consuming 0.48 million GJ of renewable energy (wind and biomass), recycled material use of 63,220 tonnes, recycled water as a percentage of total water consumed to be 55.05%. There has been 2.5% increase in renewable energy consumption, 3.1% reduction of direct GHG emission, 4.5% reduction of air emission (NOx), 4.1% increase in materials recycled, 11.7% reduction of air emission (SOx) (all compared to yr 2014-15), creating a milestone in the year 2015-16.CASHe has made employees realise that they are not just "employees" but doctors of change. It has set a benchmark for HSE management system, its time this model is used across companies to leverage their safety standards, enhance efficiency & make workplace hazard free. This paper studies how CASHe came into existence, its purpose, its implementation and results in 13 sites of Reliance Industries with emphasis of innovative projects that lead to its success.

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